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olcaustico Venetian Plaster is the elegant, tintable wall surfacing material that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also offers unlimited opportunities to create distinctly different and unique surfaces. It provides a wealth of creative possibilities for both traditional and contemporary settings and can be colorized to create an unlimited palette of pastels, earthy neutrals and vibrant, saturated color.

Kolcaustico is easily applied and worked with a blade. When multiple layers are burnished and waxed, an elegant, super-smooth, high-gloss finish can be achieved. Adding mica powders to the wax can create a deep pearlescence or a rich semi-metallic lustre. For a matte surface with texture, dry pigments or marble dust can be mixed with Kolcaustico.

From the highest sheen to the most earthy texture, nothing is as versatile or as workable as Kolcaustico. Each application is a truly unique creation. In the hands of a talented applicator, it can be a work of art. Is it any wonder that the most demanding and in demand designers, architects and contractors choose Kolcaustico for surfaces that are to be more than background.

Fantasy & Faux artistry using Kolcaustico
Dining Room - Sargent Architectural Photography
Master Bedroom Vignette - Everett & Soule


Paint Pro Magazine: "The Egyptians, Greeks and Romans appreciated the beauty of polished lime plaster. In the 1500s, builders in Venice, trying to make buildings as light as possible so they wouldn't sink into the mud underlying that city, enhanced lime plaster with marble dust to simulate the look of marble without the weight. The technique became known as Venetian plaster (stucco veneziano, in Italian) and was used around Europe till the early 19th century."

Find Kolcaustico products at a store near you

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