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Nazionale Gold Leaf

Nazionale Gold Leaf

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Nazionale Gold Leaf

The Metal Leaf group includes Composition Gold, Aluminum, Copper and Variegated leaf. All metal leaf is intended for indoor use. The copper alloy in metal leaf will tarnish, therefore all metal leaf must be sealed to prevent tarnishing, except Aluminum. Aluminum leaf may get a bit darker in color without a sealer. It is best to wear gloves when handling metal leaf to avoid leaving fingerprints and other residues that may cause the leaf to discolor under the sealer. Cotton gilding gloves are recommended.

Metal leaf is sold in units called "packs". Each pack contains 500 pieces of 5-1/2 inch x 5-1/2 inch leaves that covers 100 square feet without waste or overlap. A pack is further divided into 20 "books" with each book containing 25 leaves separated by thin tissue paper. The percentage of waste is based on the complexity of the object and the gilder's expertise in laying leaf. If the surface is very ornate with deep crevices it will take more leaf than the same size area or a flat surface. See our leaf coverage chart below.

Loose Leaf / Surface Leaf

A book of loose leaf is assembled by placing each piece of leaf between pieces of thin rouged paper. The Gilder can then remove one leaf at a time without distributing the remaining leaves. It is removed from the book with a gilder's tip, a flat natural-hair brush. Each booklet contains 25 leaves and comes in packs of 20 books for a total of 500 leaves. Leaves are available in different measurements and thicknesses. Loose leaf can be applied with water or oil gilding techniques and is ideal for restoration and detailed surfaces.

Patent Leaf / Transfer Leaf

Patent gold leaf, also referred to as transfer leaf, is gold mounted to special tissue paper by a pressure process. A book of patent gold leaf is assembled by placing each unit of gold leaf and tissue between pieces of thin rouged paper. The gilder can then remove one leaf at a time without distributing the remaining leaves. Patent gold leaf is removed from the book without the aid of a gilder's tip. The leaf will stay on the tissue until it is pressed onto the prepared surface and the tissue backing is removed. This form of gold leaf is necessary for outdoor work or where conditions would make loose leaf unmanageable. Patent gold leaf is not suitable for water gilding and is best suited for flat surfaces.

Patent gold leaf is sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity and needs to be stored properly. Store patent leaf in a damp environment of about 80% humidity wrapped in plastic wrap. This helps to prevent the moisture content of the tissue paper from fluctuating. Patent leaf may become loose on the tissue paper if stored in a dry warm environment. To correct this problem, the book of patent leaf needs to be stored in a humid environment under pressure to "remount" the leaf to the paper. If the leaf were stored in a very hot and humid environment, the leaf may adhere too tightly to the paper. To correct this problem, store the patent leaf in a refrigerator or a dry cool place.

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