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How-to: Gilding Sizes, in Picture Framing Magazine

July 2019

"Mordant gilding -- or, as it is more commonly known, oil gilding -- is a technique in which genuine or imitation leaf is adhered to a surface with an adhesive, or 'size.' As the name implies, size was traditionally an oil varnish consisting of linseed oil, resins, and a dryer." -- Picture Framing Magazine, July, 2019, pp. 12-18.

Gilded Cupola featured in Paint & Decorating Retailer Magazine

June 2019

"A properly applied high-karat, heavy gold leaf has the potential to last for decades outdoors," says Jennifer Longworth of Sepp Leaf Products Inc. The gold leaf used was 23-3/4 karat Rosenoble gold leaf. -- Paint & Decorating Retailer Magazine, June, 2019, p. 6, a publication of the Paint & Decorating Retailers Association.

Gilding With Kolner Burnishing Clay, by Lauren Sepp

August 2018

Check out Lauren Sepp's latest article in Picture Framing Magazine on Gilding with Kolner Burnishing Clay.

Check out JoAnne Setear’s interview with HomeTalk Radio on Liberon and Mixol Products!

28 Jul 2018

Michael King welcomes JoAnne Setear with Sepp Leaf Products to discuss gilding supplies and superlative finishes.

‘Trading Spaces’ stars demonstrate DIY tricks to elevate your space

5 Apr 2018

As “Trading Spaces” returns to TV after a 10-year hiatus, Ty Pennington, Paige Davis and their co-stars share DIY tips for YOUR space, like trying removable wallpaper, bringing everyday items to life with spray paint, and making your own wine rack... More

Gilding With Kolner Instacoll, by Lauren Sepp

21 Feb 2018

"Gilding Workshop: Gilding with Kolner Instacol" article by Lauren Sepp published in The Society of Gilders' "Gilders Tip".

Liberon Finishing Products & Mixol Tints with Sepp Leaf Products at IWS Atlanta 2016

25 Aug 2016 @ 4:25pm EST

Video from booth highlights Mixol's ability to mix with anything: oil-based, water-based, solvents, paints of all kinds, etc. Also introduced is Liberon's new, fast-drying, food-safe wood stain -- perfect for butcher blocks, cutting boards, counter tops, salad bowls, children's toys.

SeppLeaf Products provides an unparalleled array of genuine gold and metal leaf, gilding tools and supplies, including Liberon premium finishes, Kolcaustico Venetian plaster, Mixol Universal Tints, and Gold Gourmet edible gold and silver. SeppLeaf Products is a corporate member of the Society of Gilders.

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