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Helpful Videos on Gilding

How to make a Golden Martini

How to use Gold Leaf - Gilding with the Instacoll system - Tutorial

Wood Carving & Water Gilding -- Live and Let Live

‘Trading Spaces’ stars demonstrate DIY tricks to elevate your space

As “Trading Spaces” returns to TV after a 10-year hiatus, Ty Pennington, Paige Davis and their co-stars share DIY tips for YOUR space, like trying removable wallpaper, bringing everyday items to life with spray paint, and making your own wine rack... More

Boston Bellamy - Gilded Eagle Project

NYC - Gallery Henoch, Susan Goldsmith

NYC Gallery Openings, Oct 2016

How to Apply Gold Metal Leaf

Full demonstration of gold and metal leaf application.

Acrylic Painting Techniques on Gold Leaf

A short promo for a video that also uses leaf but is more focused on painting over the leaf rather than its application.

How to Gold Leaf Anything the Easy Way

How to Gold Leaf Anything the Easy Way #2

Glazing on Gold Leaf

Gold Leaf Wall

Water gilding French baroque frame

Water Gilding American impressionist frame

Gilding a console table

Italian sgraffito frame

David A. Smith - Reverse glass, Gold Leaf sign artist

Amazing Japanese technique, gold leaf

Gilding Using the Gilders' Pad - Charles Douglas Gilding Studio

23 Karat Gold Leaf Ceiling

Gold Leaf Gilding Phase 6 Apprentices

Applying Genuine Gold leaf or Imitation Gold leaf to metal surfaces

How-To Gilding Workship - West coast Gold Leaf

SOLE - Gold Leaf

The Art of Water Gilding

How to Gild Carved Letters

Water Gilding - White Gold over Black Clay

Gold Leaf w/ Martha Stewart & Christophe Pourny

SeppLeaf, the gilder's source

SeppLeaf Products provides an unparalleled array of genuine gold leaf, silver leaf, palladium leaf, and metal leaf; gilding tools and supplies.

SeppLeaf Products distributes Liberon premium finishes, Kolcaustico Venetian plaster, Mixol Universal Tints, and Gold Gourmet edible genuine gold and silver.

SeppLeaf Products is a corporate member of the Society of Gilders.

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