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Beauty Gold products by Manetti

Manetti Beauty Gold

Beauty Gold products by Manetti complement three markets: Cosmetics, Health and Wellness, and Industrial.

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Made exclusively of high-karat gold, Beauty Gold products by Manetti are obtained from a carefully controlled production process that is completely non-allergenic.

Gold symbolizes beauty and vitality since ancient times, seemingly letting skin shine with its own light. Down through centuries, gold has been used in luxurious make-up and as a supreme symbol of well-being. It is said that Cleopatra, the Queen of the Kings, slept every night with a golden face mask to preserve and enhance her beauty. Still today, cosmetic gold is revered for its unequaled qualities.

Beauty Gold - Cosmetics

Beauty Gold products by Manetti for Cosmetics

Beauty Gold products by Manetti for Cosmetics use, from the classic gold leaf to formats including powder, crumbs, and flakes, is specifically designed for direct application on skin and nails. Like every Beauty Gold product, Beauty Gold for Cosmetics are not tested on animals, and they can be safely used for different purposes, like the creation of small tattoos, that can give a glamorous sparkle of highest quality. Beauty Gold is a perfect product for beauty salons.

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Beauty Gold - Health

Beauty Gold products by Manetti for Health and Wellness

Gold leaf may be used for the preparation of body and face masks. Legendarily renowned for its "anti-aging" qualities and for the brilliance of vitality anecdotally released by the skin after the treatment, Beauty Gold products for Health are completely hypoallergenic, certified for cosmetics use, and conceived for the preparation of body and face masks by spas, thermal resorts, and wellness centers.

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Beauty Gold - Industrial

Beauty Gold products by Manetti for Industry

Beauty Gold products for Industry by Manetti are available in various forms including powder, crumbs, and flakes. Perfectly fitting and enabling scientific processes; used to augment commercial products such as soaps and creams; able to convey gold's legendary qualities of purity and vitality including renowned restorative aspects. Beauty Gold products by Manetti are available now for these purposes and more.

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What is the composition of the cosmetic gold leaf?

Cosmetic gold leaf has a high concentration of gold. It is typically produced starting with 24-karat gold (100%) or with a 23-karat alloy made of gold and silver. Cosmetic gold is exclusively made of natural products, it is not tested on animals, and it is completely hypoallergenic.

What are the differences between cosmetic gold and regular gold?

The gold we use for cosmetic and health applications is among the highest purity available. Moreover, the natural hypoallergenic quality of high-purity gold are maintained by our careful attention to safety protocols and production techniques.

Are there any side-effects of cosmetic gold? What are its benefits?

The application of cosmetic gold has no side-effects or any negative interaction with the skin or body. On the other hand, when applied together with other specific cosmetic products, like lotions or body and face treatments, gold anecdotally improves efficacy. In fact, by applying the gold leaf on a portion of skin that underwent any treatment immediately beforehand, it creates a barrier that accelerates the effect of the treatment by reducing or preventing oxidation or dispersion. Moreover, gold has additional benefits: Once treatment is completely absorbed by the skin, removal of the leaf by light friction breaks it into small particles that have a microdermal abrasive 'scrubbing effect' on the skin, giving an instant glow and smooth anti-aged appearance.

Is it expensive to have treatments and make-up with cosmetic gold? Isn't it a waste?

Today's production process allows very thin leaves or smaller particles to be obtained that are suitable for use as decorative make-up, or to provide the desired effect when applied as a mask or as ingredient in cosmetic products.

How is cosmetic gold produced?

Gold is reduced to very thin leaves most suitable for use during specific treatments of the body and face. With cosmetic gold for make-up, the leaves are chopped into dust, crumbs or flakes before packaging so that they can be mixed inside make-up to create illuminating effects and obtain a metallic sparkle. Our careful production process guarantees a safe final product that is suitable for all cosmetic applications.

History of Gold, Nano/Colloidal Gold, Health, Healing

Gold is one of the first metals to have been discovered; the history of its study and application spans at least several thousand years. The first data on colloidal gold can be found in treatises by Chinese, Arabian, and Indian scientists, who managed to obtain colloidal gold as early as in the V–IV centuries BC. They utilized it for medicinal purposes (Chinese “golden solution” and Indian “liquid gold”), amongst other uses.

In Europe during the Middle Ages, colloidal gold was studied and used in alchemist laboratories. Paracelsus wrote about the therapeutic properties of gold quintessence — “ quinta essentia auri, ” which he obtained via the reduction of gold chloride by vegetable extracts in alcohols or oils. He used the “potable gold” for the treatment of a number of mental diseases and syphilis. His contemporary, Giovanni Andrea, used “ aurum potabile ” as a therapy for patients with leprosy, plague, epilepsy, and diarrhea.

In 1583, the alchemist David de Planis-Campy, who served as doctor to Louis XIII of France, recommended his “longevity elixir,” a colloidal solution of gold in water. The first book on colloidal gold preserved to our days was published in 1618 by the philosopher and doctor of medicine Francisco Antonii. It contains data on how to obtain colloidal gold and its application in medicine, including practical advice.

SOURCE - Dykman & Khlebtsov, Institute of Biochemistry and Physiology of Plants and Microorganisms, Russian Academy of Sciences, Saratov State University

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