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Mixol Universal Tints
Tint with Mixol and you can match anything,
anywhere, anytime, any color.

Mixol offers the highest quality Universal Tints on the market. Produced in Germany for more than 35 years, Mixol is compatible with almost any paint and coating. The full assortment of 33 colors mixes easily with shellacs, lacquers, primers and fillers.

Mixol is known for its high concentration of pigment, sophisticated color palette, and ease of mixing. They are highly resistant to frost and heat damage. They have an indefinite shelf life, and because they are binder-free, they will not dry out or thicken.

Fifteen Mixol Oxide colors were created to meet the growing demand for adding color to fast-drying varnishes and paints. Oxide colorants can even be used with cement and mortar and are colorfast and weatherproof.

Mixol Color Charts

Mixol Color Chart

Mixol 1 - 8

Mixol 9 - 16

Mixol 17 - 24

Mixol 25 - 32

Mixol Custom Color Combinations

Mixol Metallics

Mixol Glitter Effect

Mixol Articles

"Mixol, a high-quality tinting paste made in Germany, is highly concentrated and will add color to almost any type of paint or coating materials. A binder-free, glycol-based product, Mixol is made for hand mixing and is easily suspended in water, oil or solvent bases...Colors are so concentrated that Mixol is usually measured by drops, not ounces. The product is very popular with faux finishers who want to color-correct a batch of paint."

Mixol's new Metallic Effect Concentrates create a wide variety of gold, silver or copper effects ranging from a light shimmering glitter to an opaque metallic-like surface. These water-based tinting pastes contain a high portion of bronze, aluminum and pearlescent pigments, and they may be added to transparent coatings to create a decorative finish or glaze. The full range of 33 Mixol Universal Tints may be combined with Metallic Effect Concentrates to create an infinite color palette and a variety of special effects.

Custom Color Your Finishes: A new product helps you to tweak stains or film finishes for the exact tint you want, in the September 2007 issue of Better Homes and Gardens WOOD Magazine, presents four ways to use Mixol in your workshop. The article provides helpful suggestions to 1) Fine-tune stain colors, 2) Make a brush-on toner, 3) Customize an oil finish, and 4) Tint water-based finishes.

Woodworkers Journal - Tricks of the Trade.

Mixol: The Truly Universal Colorant

"The idea ... is great. Imagine a colored liquid you could add to absolutely anything -- stain, filler, lacquer, waterbased coatings, varnish, shellac -- to mix exactly the color you need ... Mixol is ... a truly universal colorant. Sold as a concentrated liquid in a wide range of colors, this finely ground pigment-based material mixes instantly into waterbased, oil-based, or solvent-based stains, finishes, putty and filler. It even mixes into gel stains and gel polyurethanes."

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