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Gilded “Rose Gold” Wedding Favor Succulents

This is a stunning way to create extra-memorable place setting favors for your wedding guests. The combination of diminutive earthen terracotta pots, charming natural succulents and beautiful copper leaf combine as a rustic yet elegant favor. We’ll show you how to gild the pots and highlight the edges of the plants in an easy, affordable and fun way. Let’s get started!

Will Gold Leaf Burn

Real gold leaf (24k yellow gold, in loose-leaf form) may melt, but it retains material presence and color.

"Mimic gold", an alloy or even colored other metal, discolors through oxidization and distorts based on melting temperature.

"Gold on base", as a painted-on coloring, burns away to carbonized ashes that tend to float away. "Gold on base", as transfer leaf (pure gold leaf on backing): the fragile gold leaf is most likely fractured by the burning backing and tends to drop off with pieces of the carbonized backing. The video does not clarify the type of "Gold on base", painted or transfer.

Grasberg & Ertsberg - "most spectacular mineral deposit ever found"

"One of the greatest geologic discoveries of all time."

The strange black mountain, the biggest copper deposit ever discovered above the surface of the Earth.

Curiously, Michael Rockefeller (son of Nelson Rockefeller) vanished nearby. Said to have been eaten by cannibals.

Grasberg is the world's richest gold mine; also one of most efficient. Operates 24/7.

The Dangerous Copper Mines In Chile | The Earth's Riches | Spark

25% of worldwide demand for copper comes from one mine in Chile.

The Great Tutankhamen Hoax - Was the Tomb of King Tut Faked? | Ancient Architects

Outrageous claims require outrageous evidence. Here's some. Highly Interesting recent eyeballing of supposed ancient history.

Gold-Gilded Death Mask Discovered + Egyptian Mummification Workshop | Ancient Architects

Glass engineering - designing and making photochromic glass

"There's only one material on earth that won't stick to molten glass and that's platinum."

Baghdad Battery instrumental in producing colloidal silver, gold, etc?

Gold-Leaf Treatment of Ischemic Skin Ulcers

On 13 patients, 22 ischemic skin ulcers which had resisted a variety of therapeutic agents were treated with ordinary gold leaf. Three coexisting lesions served as controls. After initial cleansing and debridement, the ulcers were wetted with 95% alcohol, covered with four to eight layers of gold leaf, and protective dressings were applied; this procedure was repeated every 48 hours. A venous-stasis lesion decreased in size 86% in one month, and a diabetic ulcer showed 44% improvement in 11 days. Twenty decubitus ulcers decreased an average of 62%, and three coexisting control ulcers increased in size an average of 96%. Deterrents to successful treatment include a hemoglobin value below 12 gm/100 cc, excessive friction, undermining of ulcer edges, ringing of the lesion with scar tissue, and copious purulent discharge. No adverse reactions to gold leaf were observed.

SCIENCE BEHIND NANO GOLD -- Gold Nanoparticles in Biology and Medicine: Recent Advances and Prospects

Very extensive research paper, 250 footnotes / sources.

Articles from Acta Naturae are provided here courtesy of National Research University Higher School of Economics

Functionalized gold nanoparticles with controlled geometrical and optical properties are the subject of intensive studies and biomedical applications, including genomics, biosensorics, immunoassays, clinical chemistry, laser phototherapy of cancer cells and tumors, the targeted delivery of drugs, DNA and antigens, optical bioimaging and the monitoring of cells and tissues with the use of state-of-the-art detection systems. This work will provide an overview of the recent advances and current challenges facing the biomedical application of gold nanoparticles of various sizes, shapes, and structures. The review is focused on the application of gold nanoparticle conjugates in biomedical diagnostics and analytics, photothermal and photodynamic therapies, as a carrier for delivering target molecules, and on the immunological and toxicological properties. Keeping in mind the huge volume and high speed of the data update rate, 2/3 of our reference list (certainly restricted to 250 Refs.) includes publications encompassing the past 5 years.

Paper dated 2011

SCIENCE BEHIND SKIN GROWTH, HEALING -- Article from Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology -- Skin rejuvenation using cosmetic products ... a review of the literature

Skin aging is primarily due to alterations in the dermal extracellular matrix, especially a decrease in collagen I content, fragmentation of collagen fibrils, and accumulation of amorphous elastin material, also known as elastosis. Growth factors and cytokines are included in several cosmetic products intended for skin rejuvenation because of their ability to promote collagen synthesis. Matrikines and matrikine-like peptides offer the advantage of growth factor-like activities but better skin penetration due to their much smaller molecular size. In this review, we summarize the commercially available products containing growth factors, cytokines, and matrikines for which there is evidence that they promote skin rejuvenation.

SCIENCE BEHIND NANO GOLD -- What Do Gold Nanoparticles Have to Do With Wrinkly Skin?

Brief overview + 4 scientific studies / papers.

"We are stardust. We are golden."

An esoteric examination the various forms of the magical material called Gold by Laurence Gardner

A nano is one-thousandth, of one thousandth, of one thousandth.
10 ^ -9, or 0.000 000 001

From 11:39 into video --

"The amazing thing about these monoatomic elements is that they're not actually a new discovery. We seem have caught up with them again; but we seem to have known about them a long, long time ago. We can go back to some very ancient texts; we can go back to Egypt; we can go back to Mesopotamia; we can go back even the the Bible itself and find lots and lots of ancient references to magical powder which actually seem to do all of the things that scientists [today] are now telling us that these [materials] are capable of.

"[Ancient writings] called these powders, which were associated with Gold -- in Mesopotomia they were called Shamanna. In Egypt they were called Mufkut. So they had all these strange names. The Alexandrians called it the Paradise Stone -- it's not a stone, it's a powder, but they called it the Paradise Stone. And in all cases, whether it was Shamanna, Mufkut, or Paradise Stone, or whatever, they all said, this is a mysterious powder of projection. A powder of projection, and the various cultures were unanimous on that particular description.

"They said it has powers of levitation, powers of transmutation, of teleportation. It seemed to be a vehicle by which they would communicate with Gods. It was something to do with the afterlife of the Egyptian pharaohs. And they also said it was a key to active longevity. Because of this, people were able to live a long time, particularly those whose life it was part of -- the high priests, kings, the pharaohs.

"The Egyptian pyramid texts they talk about the material, it's called Mufkut. The pyramid texts come from the fifth dynasty tomb at Saqqara of King Unas. Here is described something called [an electric] field of Mufkut, and this is interesting because it moves [us] into modern science again. A field of Mufkut. This material was meant to have a field around it or about it, or that it was associated with it, was very magical and powerful, and was the field in which the pharaohs would communicate with the gods. It was the field that determined their final gateway to the afterlife."



ORMUS - What is Ormus, White Powder Gold or Monatomic Elements

Gold Nanoparticles & The Future of Medical Diagnostics - Chad Mirkin - NANOSPHERE

"When you arrange DNA in this format [as helical strands attached by-end to points on a nano gold cluster / sphere], you get an interesting property where these types of structures will [freely enter human cells]; whereas linear DNA [will be blocked by the cell wall]. ... Once you can get these types of structures inside cells, you now can begin to flip genetic switches [i.e., modify DNA from within the cell]..."

This was already well underway in 2012.

Gold Nano Particles' Brownian Motion in Dark Field Microscope

Flinn Scientific - Gold metal in red solution - Gold Nano Colloid Synthesis

Accurate descriptions.

History and Background and Production of Nano Colloidal Gold

Colloidal Gold - Making Gold Nano Particles

UTS Science: Gold nano to target diseases (University Tech Sydney Oz)

"The beautiful thing about [nano gold] is that we can other molecules on the surface of the gold in a very controlled way."

Michael Cortie - Using nanotechnology and gold to target or diagnose diseases in people? A team of researchers at UTS is working on using nanoparticles with antibodies to attack infectious diseases. Listen to this cutting-edge research.

Gold Nanoparticles Webinar: Strange properties and applications

Trade in Gold Dust -- Oroville, California Chinese Temple

"Many Chinese merchant in gold-rush era Oroville traded in gold dust. Indeed, gold dust was also the local currency."

The Mysterious Golden Hats of the 'Ancient Wizards' | Ancient Architects

Thoth & Hermes Through to the Magna Carta & US Constitution -- Weights Measures

Thoth, Hermes, civilization and the law. Ancient symbolism, law and gods related to weights and measures and although the gods may have gone the importance of their purpose remains as valid to us now as it did in the ancient past.

Colors, Pigments, Dyes

Purifying ores to metals such as gold, as well as making colours for cloth and painting was the work of alchemists, now chemists.

The History of Silver Mines documentary

Used in technology, photography, and decorative arts, silver is one of the most versatile metals known to man. In this episode of Modern Marvels we'll explore the methods, men and machines that extract this precious resource from the earth. In Northern Idaho's Lucky Friday mine, workers toil more than a mile underground in an around-the-clock cycle of blasting and hauling silver laden rock. While in the wilds of northern Nevada, large machines and even larger ore loads make the vast Rochester open pit mine one of the most productive silver mines in the United States. Both these facilities owe their methods to the silver strike that started it all: Nevada's famous Comstock Lode of the mid 19th Century. From some of the largest steam engines ever built, to robotic mining machines that work without human intervention, we'll examine the past, present and future of silver mines.

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